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Wednesday, 18 March 2009 12:10

       State Production Enterprise “Davlat Belgisi” of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the only manufacturer of banknotes, coins, passports and other documents of state importance in the Republic.

       SPE “Davalat Belgisi” includes:

-Tashkent Printing Factory;

-Tashkent Paper Mill;

-Tashkent Mint House.

      Printing Factory, Paper Mill and Mint House are equipped with modern equipment of the leading producers.

      Among the products at SPE “Davlat Belgisi” can be distinguished the following:

-security from the forgery high quality paper, passport paper, paper for taxes, banknote paper;


-certificates, lottery, bills, checks


-postage stamps of high art,

-passport according to ICAO requirements

-memorial and collection coins;

-memorial medals.


     Tashkent Paper Mill was put into operation in 1995. The equipment, mould-made paper-making machine and kow-how were supplied by “Louisenthal Paper Mill Gmbh”, Germany.


     Inasmuch as Uzbekistan is one of big cotton exporter it uses for paper manufacturing as a raw material the cotton fiber and cotton lint. On the Customer’s request up to 25% of wood cellulose can be used. Our paper is manufactured on mould-made paper-making machine and may have both local and three tonal water mark. The Paper Mill has a laboratory equipped the up-to-the-minute devices for control of the quality of the physio-mechanical index of the manufactured product. Also there is a system of moving paper quality measurement of “Honeywell” company.


     During the paper production the special security features as fluorescent and visible fibers, different types of security thread are applied. The paper is manufactured without addition any optical bleachers.

     Paper Mill supplies security paper (protected from forgery), not only to the inner consumers but also for export. On the regular basis the Mill makes shipment of various security paper to such countries the Republic of Uzbekistan, France, Russia, Cambodia, Azerbayjan, Kyrgyzstan.

     In 1998 a new Atelier of water marks was commissioned where on the Customers requirements the moulds with portrait, architectural and other water marks of any complexity are manufactured. Also at the existing modern equipment the manufacturing of water mark by “electrotype” method has been assimilated.


     In 2003 the paper making machine was successfully reconstructed by German company “Louisenthal Paper Mill Gmbh”, during which the “small cuzformer”, high speed rectifier and high speed shredder were installed. Thanks to implemented reconstruction at the Mill it has become possible to produce high security paper of the improved quality with the effect “windowed thread” corresponding to all world standards.


     Besides main production at the Tashkent Paper Mill the manufacturing paper coated with metallized film, laminating with transparent film as well as lacquer coating the film surface.


     The high quality of supply is provided due to compliance with the International Certificate of quality control ISO 9001:2000 which was obtained by the Mill in 1997.


      The Paper Mill has got a significant potential of production for placing Customer’s orders. Our specialists can choose and develop paper specification depending on a function, method of printing and further process of its processing.

      Much attention is paid to the safety production at Tashkent Paper Mill. The system of production control and complete safety are used on each stage of the production starting with getting and processing the raw materials and completing with the final calculation, packing and safety shipping of finished products.

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